Will my Website get Removed Because of my Conservative views?

This is a question that we get A LOT here at Websites by Patriots. Google and the media are certainly no friends of Conservative views and even less when you add the word “Christian” to it. But will having conservative content on your website get you “de-platformed”? Let’s put some real-world info in and see if this is a Myth Confirmed or Myth Busted.

Google Uses an Algorithm

While it again is true that Google has a thing for conservatives, they kinda get an unfair shake here. A programmed algorithm does 99% of all the heavy lifting on the internet, not a human. As such the bias that conservative sites are blocked is not really accurate. The algorithm searches out information that specifically used keyterms strings and throttles the results. However, that’s if you are Donald Trump; the everyday blogger simply doesn’t have enough of a web presence to start with to get the privilege of being throttled (insert snicker here).

I have fielded so many calls from people who claim that their article doesn’t come up #1… so CLEARLY they are getting blocked. With a real analysis however, they just don’t have the domain authority or page presence to even get on Google’s radar. Consider the search term “Why is Christian Conservatism better than woke”, definitely something that google would block right? Well, its actually the opposite: there are 41 Million 500 thousand results for that term. So, it’s not that you article was throttled or blocked… it was that the competition ratio is through the roof.

Does My Content Get Flagged?

What you say and how you say it can get you flagged, fired, arrested, divorced, lose your gym membership and more. If you are writing articles filled with hate and threats you should expect that (duh, big red truck) you are going to get a visit from someone in a uniform. If you are writing informative articles with your point of view… then there’s nothing to flag you for. Remember the algorithm is looking to throttle articles and information that are against the mainstream, but there isn’t some tag that hits your website that hides your content online. If you place the address of your website in the browser… poof, there you are. However, if you go out making threats, then make that poof… you go to jail.

Credentialed Sources

Now this boys and girls is a biggie. Google switched in 2021 to a credentialed source requirement. This plays heavily in where Google places you in the list of results. What this means is if you are writing medical articles and you are not a Doctor, Google isn’t going to take you seriously. If you are writing political articles and have no degree or professional validation, Google will stick your info down the list below those who are qualified to speak on those topics. This isn’t a way to block Conservatives, just a way to manage those sharing their collective ignorance.

Remember Google is a Browser, Not the Internet

All the way back when Al Gore invented the internet (insert eye roll here) many have looked at Google as the internet… well it’s not. If you are driving traffic to your website through TV, Radio, Newspapers, Flyers, Social Media, Word of mouth… you are basically skipping Google all together. If you want to be found on their platform, you have to play by their rules.

Direct Keywords vs. words on the page

What gets the Google juices flowing beyond all the info listed so far, is writing an article that speaks to a throttled topic verses just having those words in the article. So, if you are writing on How Christian Conservatives make better pet owners; that focused topic may get throttled. If however, in an article on pet ownership you mention or use the words Christian and Conservative, and the saturation variables (use of the words) do not exceed the main focus of the article… Google won’t even know about it.

Is it Myth Confirmed or Myth Busted

At the end of the day Google’s algorithm will rank your website based on volume, density, variance, structure, credibility, domain and page authority. If you’ve nailed all that and manage to get on Google’s radar, then you might see an article get throttled if the focus topic is one of those buzz words that the mainstream doesn’t like the world to know about. However, they are not going to take down your site (nor can they). As for Godaddy and other domain services removing websites… look it up for yourself. There are maybe 10 if you really dig to find them, and THOSE were taken down for violating the terms of service with hate speech and threats.

At least for a little while longer, this is a free country. If you are gonna play the Google game and get some truth out on the internet, you just need to know the rules of the game. Because in the keyword/browser game… it really is Google’s house, Google’s rules.