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  • Helping Small Businesses and Organizations with their Websites and Digital Marketing!
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    Truly an American Owned and Operated Web Development Company

    We know small businesses are tired of big corporations forcing “woke” culture on nearly every aspect of their company. Product suppliers and vendors for some reason are quick to lean left waving every color of flag out there except for the American Flag.

    Left-minded website development companies today are either based outside the United States, funded by overseas companies, or supported by overseas call centers. If they are based in the US, they all seem to be staffed by indoctrinated college trained idealists who have never needed to roll up their sleeves and work for a living.

    We’ve Been Here All Along…

    Websites by Patriots has been creating websites for small businesses for over 20 years. We didn’t decide to become patriots… we’ve been here all along working with over 1,000 small businesses; just doing what’s right. With the daily dismantling of the America First Agenda, we decided to make sure that businesses know there is still a Christian Conservative Web Development Team that can handle next-level web design and SEO.

    We Bleed Red, White and Blue

    Modern Web Studios (the parent company) is made up of a hand-selected team of former businesses owners, public safety officers, disabled veterans, lifelong patriots and even a former Baptist Pastor who have all come to call Modern Web Studios their home. We’ve been on both sides of the business market, so we haven’t just read about it in a history book; WE LIVED IT!



    Bring a Patriot Friend and You BOTH get 1000 Full Color Business Cards for FREE!

    100% Guarantee

    We aim to please. You can’t stay in business for as long as we have making angry customers. We will do what it takes to make you happy with your website, period!

    Quality Service

    Just like our great nation, we pride ourselves on not just a satisfactory result but one that makes us proud to go home to our children and say we helped a lot of hard working people today.

    A Rated!

    You can pick any of our reviews and ask for the contact info on them. We’re confidently going to give you their contact info because we know how happy they are. It’s not hype, they’re just excited to share their excellent experience.

    Speedy Service

    We understand that not everything is easy to plan when you’re running a small business. So getting your website or project done quickly and under budget is not only a welcomed challenge for us, it’s our passion!


    Call for a FREE Consultation with a fellow Patriot:
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    Featured Patriot Business

    Town Hill Auto Sales and Repair has been serving the Bedford, PA area for many years. Their reputation as an honest Auto Sales and Repair Center has really shattered the stereotypes of the industry. They back up their sales and service as a Napa Authorized Repair Center offering a nationwide warranty on repairs. They also have a rental fleet and, if you need a haircut, a full-service salon right next door.

    Their 5-star ratings combined with the different community activities have made them a solid reputation in their community; and our choice for Patriot of the Month.


    Do We Offer Services for Left Wing, Liberal, Woke Companies & Organizations?


    We look to serve the needs of our community, but not without standards. That might be one of the reasons our customers have stayed with us for so long.

    We would be delighted to build your liberal business or organization a beautiful website you can host on the liberal server of your choice (Like Godaddy, Network Solutions, or Host Monster) Additionally, we commit that 100% of the profit of your website will go to support conservative candidates in local elections. ‘Merica!