Social Media Marketing

It’s Not About Likes… But Rather Looks!

So many agencies run campaigns and say… “well you got 534 likes to your page…” (while sipping their Starbucks Latte) However, “likes” don’t pay the bills! Social media is about exposure for most businesses and getting your message in front of decision makers; to get the phone to ring!

Social Media Marketing works very similar to Google Ads as in they are keyword and Geo targeted for best results. The advantage for these is that it touches them where they are… in social media. Google Ads doesn’t roll into social media the same as social Media ads don’t show up outside their medium… so if you have a target market that uses social media frequently, you can target them more quickly!

Social Media the Smart Way

Social media isn’t for everyone, we get that. We don’t recommend social media unless we feel the product or service would have a strong audience. For example: B2B (business to business) is where Google Products would be better served than social media, as the audience is less likely to search for something needed for your company. However, if you are promoting retail services and products like home remodeling or pressure washing… social media is a great consideration! Our in-house experts know social media platforms in and out. They study trends and the social algorithms to best target potential clients. Social media platforms can additionally look at demographical interests as well, giving some businesses a huge advantage in marketing (if you know how to access it!)

We Can Help

We coach our customers on best practices for SEO and Social Media as well as other advertising mediums. Because our team has been around for awhile, we have seen what works and well… what doesn’t. We don’t push packages to get a commission with knowledge that something will fall flat, that wastes your money and our time (which we value greatly). Social media services are constantly changing and how they interact with their users. As this evolves, their business level tools will as well. We have seen where some construction services are making a killing in the social media platforms… so we know that there is great potential and opportunity for the right product or service.