eCommerce Website Design

Having an eCommerce website is a great way to sell products on line however, so few realize just how much goes into an effective eCommerce store. With increasing regulation imposed by the government on online sales for privacy, information collection, taxes, product storage, product composition disclaimers and more; you will need someone to help guide you through these challenges. Whether you are offering a few crafts and products or you have thousands of products, considerations should be made to be sure you can have a website that will perform as good as it looks.

Design Matters

Potential clients are framed to think in short bursts through social media retaining, where choices are made in seconds rather than minutes and in some cases; based solely on the look and feel of the website! Most eCommerce systems talk the big talk like Shopify, Godaddy or Big eComerce, but you end up with a boring shopping cart website or worse; needing to hire them to help costing big money because their systems are all proprietary (only they or their partners can work on them). These big corporations have setup Artificial Intelligence eCommerce web builders or template sites that are cheap or free, but do you really want the anchor of your online presence created created by an algorithm?

We use a system that integrates an eCommerce shopping system into our website system. This means you get the BOTH OF BOTH WORLDS! A great design normally reserved for informational websites AND a way to sell products online. Talk about win, win! I mean that would be like waking up with Donald Trump’s money and Reagan is President again!

Feature-Rich Flexible eCommerce Websites

Our eCommerce websites are perfect for businesses and organizations, that want to sell products either as the primary purpose of the website; or as an additional feature. An example might be a full blown eCommerce site to sell hats, flags, bumper stickers, etc… or an informational website that ALSO sells those items and more. This is the beauty of our system. From there you can make it easy for your customer to reach out to you from forms or contact info on the website. These are also great to showcase project images or galleries, showcase YouTube videos and more! Features that these big corporate eCommerce sites don’t allow you to have!

The system we use is modular, meaning it creates lots of flexibility for design, changes and expansion as your website as your business grows. This powerful platform can handle the most aggressive of website builds or the simplest of designs.

eCommerce websites include the setup of the core website (plugins, platform enhancements, security) For standard build we craft up to 6 pages of our stock or customer supplied content and craft the theme based on the initial conversation. (Customer to provide examples of theme preferences and colors.) We naturally can then add all your products or add a few and train you on the rest to save you big money!

NOTE: We don’t buy themes, we craft them to match the needs, industry and feel the customer is looking for.

Additionally the price includes:

  • Up to 5 stock images as needed
  • Featured content slider
  • Image Parallaxing modes as needed
  • Enhanced editing features
  • Media folder system
  • Form builder
  • Article information manager
  • Multi user editor access
  • Classic visual editor experience (kinda like a word document)
  • Sections format elements and more.

Note: Once you get access to our easy editor you can create unlimited pages, articles, galleries and forms… and we walk you through it every step!

*If you need additional stock images they generally run $5 – $7 each.


Search Engine Performance:

We have both training and paid services available with in-house experts to have the site perform well in search engines. This is also an area where we excel because we take the time to educate the customer on the process. Most SEO services just throw money into the search platform and walk away, but that ends up costing you thousands in unneeded clicks. We manage accounts to ensure best performance.

Remember, SEO is a process; not something you just flip a switch and turn on/off.

Paid Professional SEO Services:

In addition to a standard website a customer might choose to have paid SEO services done through our team of professionals. This might include: SEO based content writing, Organic SEO Page Booster, Google Adwords, Google Visual Ads, Google Retargeting, Social Media page setup and Marketing and more. Be sure to ask us about these services.

Hosting and ongoing support package (depending on features)

eCommerce Website Professional Managed Hosting & Support includes:

  • Physical Managed Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Access to our customized Easy Editing system
  • Access To Our Proprietary Plugins and other Premium Plugins
  • Enhanced editor and visual features
  • Software Updates & Maintenance for the WP Core, Theme and Plugins
  • Ongoing One-on-One training on editor (by Email, Phone or Screen share)
  • Basic Cyber Security for site
  • Google Captcha on Forms and Admin Logins (blocks bots)
  • Daily On-site Backups, Weekly Off-site Backups
  • Anti-Spam Features on all Forms
  • Weekly off site backups & Restore in case something happens
  • SEO Tools


– Courtesy SEO Training*
– Courtesy Small Business Marketing Advice*

*Courtesy services are those that can be provided because of the diverse and experienced team that works with Modern Web Studios. The SEO and small business consultations are not included as a paid service or part of your ongoing hosting payment or purchase price.