Q: Have we been backed by Donald Trump for website design services?

A: Nope… we haven’t been backed by “the big guy” either. If needed we can provide a comprehensive list of politicians we have not built a website for…

Q: Are you a Conservative Christian website developer?

A: Well, we are Conservative and we are Christians but; we are not advertising or limiting ourselves like that. We believe that conservative values are the backbone of small businesses in this country. That conservatives have a fiscal mindset with moral values that respect the rights of all people, even the ones we don’t necessarily agree with. We believe the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not fluid documents to change with the will of whatever party is in the seats of government, or that they only apply to a select group of people; but that they are absolute. As Christians we seek to do those things that would honor God, His Word and His plan for our lives. We’ll talk Politics and/or Religion if you want to… but we’d rather be building websites, we’ll see you at Church on Sunday and can talk more then.

Q: What type of industries do you build websites for?

A: HVAC, Plumbing, Remodeling, General Contracting, Electrical Contracting, Landscaping, Political Commentary, Churches, Authors, Missionaries, Carpet Cleaning, Hobby, Painting, Pressure Washing, Residential Cleaning, Pest Control, Roofing, Tree Care, Window Cleaning, Pool & Spa Services, Dog Walking, Commercial Cleaning, Excavation, Fence Services, Flooring, Snow Removal, Installation Services, Irrigation Services, Janitorial Services, Junk Removal, Locksmith Services, Mechanical Contracting, Property Maintenance, Restoration, Tiling, Well Water Services… yeah we’ve done a few.

Q: What are your preferred websites to work on?

A: We prefer to work with small businesses that are America First minded and fit within examples of those seen above. We love working with startup companies that have a fresh new idea that we can help them get a good footing online. Our favorites are Veteran Owned and Operated businesses. 

Q: Are there any websites you won’t work on?

A: We have worked on a huge variety of websites over the years however, and we reserve the right to decline to build, host or manage websites that violate our core beliefs. We will not work with websites that bash people or use hate speech (even if they are bashing people we don’t like either). We will not work with websites that are of a pornographic nature (We want to keep things as “G” rated as possible). Furthermore we don’t want to work with websites that promote topics that are against our fundamental Christian beliefs. Every effort will be made to find resources to those who we might decline to work with… but we won’t become another Christian Baker either. We can only hope that the respect we provide to people will be honored, and that certain individuals or organizations wouldn’t stoop so low as to force anyone to provide services that go against their core beliefs or preferred business clients. I mean… Godaddy has no standards, so that’s an option.

Q: Do I need to use your Managed Hosting Services?

A: Websites are built with a cocktail of plugins (programs) that all need to be licensed. To save our customers money and keep the costs under control, we have licensed those to our company. Our managed hosted services are of the highest caliber and rival the big tech companies in reliability and services, but if you MUST use another server; we need to know that so we can price the site with everything licensed to you.

Q: Can I edit my own website?

A: YES. Not only can you edit it, we walk you through it every step of the way. Our award winning support team will make sure you have all the tools needed to easily add content and images to your website. We are here to help your business grow, so just tell us what you need help with.

Q: Can I pay you to edit my website?

A: YES. We know small business owners get busy and simply don’t have the time to update their website. We offer very affordable update services that can add your content, or even write you some; to help when needed.

Q: Am I going to get rich and famous instantly once I get a website?

A: You will feel like it for sure! But alas, it just doesn’t work that way. Just like anything else, it takes a little bit of work to have your website more visible online. I mean… think about it, depending on your location there may be dozens or hundreds of other websites offering the same as you. The website is just the endpoint that visitors come to. This is why we offer courtesy SEO training and paid services to our clients. There are certainly ways to make you #1 on Google for sure; but before you whip put your wallet we would help you look at the big picture of turning website visitors to potential customer… rather than just having a top ranking site. Marketing agencies talk big (charge big too) or offer a dirt cheap price because they are overseas using 17 year old with flip books. We work with you on a real world mindset, remember if it sound too good to be true… (probably is).

Q: What is your position on firearms?

A: Standing mostly although for stability the sitting knee position works well or prone for longer range.