Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply where you are found on the internet for specific keywords. Long gone are the days that the best looking website was #1 automatically in fact, there are hundreds of factors that search engines take into account when determining placement online. Some of these factors are: a website’s foundation/platform, speed, content quality, keyword density, contrast, redundancy measurements, meta data, domain age, reputation score, backlink traffic, social media presence/use and more.

We look at SEO like a drag race meaning that you measure the amount of work needed based on the position in the rankings. I mean you don’t want to take a $100,000 race car to the track to find out they paired you to a bunch of Honda Civic’s right? So instead you take a 2020 Mustang 5.0 with some HP under it, then measure how good/ bad you did; then adjust. With appropriate, staged SEO you can win the race without breaking the bank.

3 Main Types of SEO Marketing


This is where search engines place you based on the total package of the website. It takes time and work to get a website dialed into the search market and search terms. Patience and hard work win this race.

Paid Search:

Paid services like Google Products are like paying to go to the top of the rankings. It takes into count the competition and the location of your company to determine cost. Some competitive terms in larger cities can get pretty pricey… but it’s the fastest and most efficient way to get the phone ringing.

Additional Inbound Peripherals:

Sometimes you can use other services to drive traffic to your website. These are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin,, Home Advisor, amazon… you get the idea. Depending on your service using these more isolated services can laser focus your market making them more effective.