Why Hire Websites by Patriots when there are so many FREE builders out there?

Automation is a good thing, in fact nothing is more American than innovation. It’s that mindset where Henry Ford created the assembly line, which transformed how cars are build. However, can you get anything really changed in this process; nope. Ask the dealer to use a different dash or seat, wheels or suspension; you probably get a funny look. Then tell them to paint it in a 1984 color and you’ll hear them laughing about it in the break-room. Now call up Bill Carlton at Ekstensive Metal Works and give him the list…“anything you want, you got; but it will cost you.”

You see it’s not because Ford doesn’t want to… they CAN’T, which is where these FREE builders are. You get a set theme, a set color, a set layout, a set structure manager and that’s all you get because that’s all they can do. Even if you “hire a pro” you’re hiring an overseas person at $95 per hour to tell you they can’t change the core either, they can tweak it; but can’t change it. (that’s if you can even get them on the phone and understand their broken engrish)

What Makes Our Custom Websites Better

Our 20+ years in the industry has given us the insight and the talent to do what these builders can’t. We’ve been through ALL the trends for design and automation to stay on the pulse of technology, without selling our soul to the tech giants. We don’t buy themes or use locked systems like Godaddy, Wix, Mailchimp, Squarespace, Weebly, Homestead, etc.; we build them. We’ve streamlined our processes to increase productivity and keep the cost affordable for most everyone who wants a website. Do you want to change the color, header, image, background, footer, header, top bar, menu, section; we say anything you want, you got. Why? Because we use our own custom builder and platform editor.

Even WordPress Developers Love Us

At one time WordPress was the new go-to system for website design… and still is. But so many web builders have taken the same painful steps of automation and placed them into WordPress. Many builders out there go to WordPress theme sites and purchase a theme, install an editor, upload a few images and, well; charge you a custom price. Need something changed? Your right back where you were with a FREE builder, no control and no options. Many WordPress builders call us and ask how we make such cool theme layouts on WordPress, and if they ask nicely; we tell them.

We are proud of the cost saving processes we’ve developed that still allow for full custom control at an affordable price. (Traditionally priced half of most WordPress Firms) It also allows for easy customer editing tools and award winning support, you won’t get that from a free web builder; or even most WordPress assembly services out there. When you take into account that your website is much more than a digital business card, but an anchor for the online reputation and face of your company or organization; do you want to rely on a FREE builder or stock theme maker to represent you?

You Really Do Get What You Pay For

For some people out there, who don’t care about the look or functionality or performance of their website… I get it; the FREE builder is totally for you. However, for those who care about the look, brand, design, performance, editability, marketability and performance of their website; maybe give Websites by Patriots a call. We actually answer our phones.

Oh, and one last thing; our sites aren’t so bad that we need celebrities to promote them… just sayin’