Mammoth Nation – Profile Image & Banner Design


Using a logo you provide us with, we will custom design a profile image as well as a banner for the profile page of your Mammoth Nation listing. We will meet the requirements that Mammoth Nation’s website department has to ensure your ad/listing goes up as soon as possible. Because Mammoth Nation is growing so rapidly, oftentimes there can be artwork delays that cause them to not be able to get the ad/listing up as quickly. However, with us doing the artwork for you, that eliminates them having that step on their end which frees them up to be able to process new sign-ups.

You will get 1 initial design and 1 round of revisions (Example of a round of revisions: “Make the logo taller, make the large text darker blue, make the phone number a more block font, round the corners on the box.” as an example.)

Completion time is currently at 3-4 business days. (This fluctuates with how many jobs we have from Mammoth Nation at the time but we will usually update this page if we need more time.

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