Why choose a Patriot
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Because we believe in putting your money where your values are and supporting Patriot Businesses, not WOKE ones.

There are a lot more reasons too..

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  1. Most importantly, we believe in putting your money where your values are. It shouldn’t just be with who you choose to build your website but also where you host that website. And it should go even further. You should support all the patriot businesses that you can (which is why we started this company… to support our fellow Patriot Small Businesses).
  2. We have a passion for small businesses… both the owners and their team!
  3. We love this great nation and we stand for everything that makes this country amazing.
  4. We’re not WOKE like NoDaddy and so many other corporations that have sold their souls to the devil to be accepted by the woke left.
  5. We support our Police and those served in the Military as well as those that are still serving in the Military.
  6. We believe there is no one better to prepare our children for life or protect our children than their parents… NOT Government!
  7. We believe that we were made in God’s image but that we live in a fallen world and we need to be strong enough to fight back physically, mentally and spiritually. We need Jesus to not only forgive us our trespasses but also to make us better and more equipped to recognize evil and then be strong enough to fight it.
  8. We believe in the neutralizing power a firearm has to level the playing field between a tiny woman and a hyped-up drug addict trying to break in her home.
  9. We also believe in the freedom to say what you want. Words hurt sometimes, yes, but freedom of speech is more important than someone getting their feelings hurt.
  10. We believe there are only two genders… man and woman. We believe they both have unique and crucial value in society.
  11. We believe our founding fathers actually knew what they were doing when they penned the Constitution. We’re not afraid to stand up for Conservative Values or for the Constitution.
  12. We make a superior quality product affordable and provide an unparalleled level of support to back it up for decades to come. Our customers are life-long customers that laugh when someone offers them an alternative to our services. It’s THAT kind of quality we provide and that makes people want to refer us and return for a second and third website for their new business or their friend’s or family member’s business.

We Support Small Businesses because we know the hardest working people in America are small businesses. We put our hearts into every product, every service, every extra hour, and we EARN every smile we get from our customers. That’s why it’s a total honor to serve small businesses. We build our websites with the same passion that gets you out of bed earlier than your competition and makes you give more of yourself all throughout the day as well. For us, it’s not about getting rich, it’s about making sure our team has a job to come to every day and can put food on their tables and buy school supplies for their kids and afford to keep them in sports, because that sure as HECK ain’t FREE! It’s about making sure your customers have everything they need from you… everything they count on and expect from you. We work hard to be here for our customers because they work hard just like us.

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  • Truly an American Owned and Operated Web Development Company

    Does it seem like the only choices out there are big corporations forcing “woke” culture on everything? Even for small businesses and conservative organizations, they find their product and service suppliers are quick to lean left; waving every color of flag imaginable except for the American Flag.

    It’s true most website and digital marketing providers today are based outside the United States. Those that are in the US, all seem staffed by indoctrinated college trained kids; having never needing to get their hands dirty to get the job done.

    Websites by Patriots has been creating websites for small businesses for over 20 years. We didn’t decide to become patriots… we’ve been here all along working with over 1,000 small businesses; just doing what’s right. We are proudly staffed from a hand-selected team of former Businesses Owners, Disabled Veterans, Public Safety Officers, Lifelong Patriots and even a former Baptist Pastor! We’ve been on both sides of the checkout counter, so we have the real world insight to help make the very best website; and digital marketing that makes sense! Let us put our REAL WORLD experience to work for your business or organization.

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